Self Isolation: Day 20

This Easter Sunday was different to many of the previous celebrations, but we managed to make it copable, even some kind of fun.

We watched Cheaper by the Dozen this morning, and I remembered how much I love the actor, Steve Martin. We had poached eggs on toast and gave each other our chocolate Easter Eggs (even though we’d bought them whilst together)!

We had a relaxed afternoon, spoke to Luke’s parents, and even FaceTiming my family. Although, it should be noted, trying to teach an 87-year-old man how to answer and use a video call is very difficult… we spent most of the time looking at his forehead.

Bless him! Here’s Grandad and me.

Later on we made a lovely dinner together. The staple Easter favourite; lamb, served with roasted carrots and potatoes, cabbage and green beans. And of course homemade Yorkshire puddings. Normally there’s at least six of us around the table, but today it was just Luke and me eating on the sofa. Lamb dinner

*always with lashings of mint sauce

Tonight we’ve watched Cheaper by the Dozen 2, which I’ve never watched(!), a great second film. And we had an evening walk.

Relaxed Sunday’s are my favourite! How was your Easter?

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