Self Isolation: Day 19

Easter Saturday in quarantine has me eating all the good food and enjoying life sat on my doorstep (we don’t have a garden).

This morning I taught grandad how to WhatsApp video call whilst on speaker phone… and watched Moana (Disney Plus I love you).

Then I put my beautiful, blue-checked dress on and had a walk around the local park, which was beautiful, as normal. The little things really are what’s keeping me sane right now. Fresh air, good food and sleep… who’d have thought it?

Trees East End Park Leeds

When we got back from our walk we were greeted by this absolute beauty hiding in our wardrobe; because where else would you nap?

Coco, our black cat.

This evening I baked some focaccia and made a delicious antipasti/tapas dinner for Luke and me. It was basically a trip around Europe; Italian focaccia, Greek olives, German garlic salami, Spanish chorizo, Spanish spiced potatoes, British cheese and onions. Bellisimo. πανεμορφη. Hermosa. Beautiful. Antipasti Tapas European

This evening we’ve played cards and board games alongside drinking wine, what a lovely Saturday!

Stay safe everyone. HAPPY EASTER!

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