Self Isolation: Day 18

This morning was so stressful. Apparently, some people think this is a regular bank holiday with time to roam the streets, spend stupid money at the supermarket and hang out with friends? Just to confirm; it definitely isn’t.

This is THEE bank holiday we should remember for NOT doing anything- no seaside, no family meal, no meet up with friends, no spending money in the shops. Just, NO.

We went to the supermarket because we needed some milk and necessities… we got there and there was a queue around the car park the length of the River Aire… and the car park was packed. We couldn’t believe it. Baring in mind we’d walked there and it’s a good forty minute walk, but we’re not using public transport or taxis, and we don’t drive, so we had no other choice than walking. We then had to trawl to another two shops to get what we needed, purely because people are going in there with two trolleys and being, frankly, morons.

Rant over gif

The afternoon was a lot more calm. I cleaned the bathroom and kitchen (it’s smells sooo good), and did some washing, while Luke vacuumed the whole house. There’s no better scent than a clean home and fresh washing.

This evening we watched Holes and then Lilo & Stitch (thanks Disney!), we also had our Good Friday traditional meal of fish and chips. Lilo & Stitch

This scene gets to me every time!

What a day!

Happy “stay at home” Bank Holiday, everyone.

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