Self Isolation: Day 17

Today was such a good day! Sorry to brag but it’s probably the best day I’ve had since isolation began.

We had a longer walk than normal and went up to the Temple Newsham estate. If you’ve been to Leeds before and not been; you really should visit. It’s a truly beautiful place. The grounds had very few people in and it was fabulous to see so much greenery and peace. Temple Newsham

The open space gave us time to reflect and relax, I felt so free and lucky to have been fit and able to get out in the sunshine (and stay away from people).

We also did some off-road walking through these beautiful trees, just on the edge of the estate. So beautiful, so hidden, so serene! I loved it!

This evening we relaxed and watched films with a big bowl of pasta. We also did another great quiz night with JMC Entertainments. The host is fabulous, I can not recommend him enough! The quiz is posted from this site every Thursday. Salts Cellar Gin and Ale Bar Facebook

Happy Maundy Thursday!

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