Self Isolation: Day 16

Today has been a topsy turvy day. I’ve felt many things and none of them have been ‘isolated’.

We had a relaxed “morning”, or rather time between breakfast and lunch. I did some rather intense yoga, still waiting for the baby abs to come through and show themselves. And I had lots of cat cuddles which is always a blessing.

This will be me at the end of quarantine…

This afternoon we started clearing out our “bin yard” which is just for our use, so we’re thinking about making it a little bit of outside space. Some nice plants, maybe some ivy and a few barbecues when we’re allowed people around. We’ll see how it develops.

We went for our usual walk and it was lovely and warm. I love the feeling of sun blinding my eyes and covering me with its golden rays. I can’t wait until we can all be together and enjoying it’s magnificence. Leeds canal

Leeds has never looked so pretty

This evening we watched Bohemian Rhapsody and I cried like a baby. My word that is an emotional film. What a biographical tale to leave behind Freddie Mercury. A legend of the twentieth century. Rami Malek’s impersonation is mesmerising in this movie, we were breathless with tears and awe. Rami Malek & Freddie Mercury

Rami Malek & Freddie Mercury

It’s funny how a film can make you feel so many things. Pain, devastation, love, lust, fear, anger. Wow.

Good day, but a weird one, you know?

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