Self Isolation: Day 14

Fourteen days completed! That was almost easy. If only EVERYONE would just do as they were told.

We’ve read books, we’ve played games, we’ve baked, we’ve cooked from scratch, the house is cleaner than it’s ever been, the kitchens had a move around and the cats are sick of seeing us.

Yes, we miss our family like crazy. But… we live in hope that this will be over sooner rather than later. Please, please, please stay at home. Don’t go round to your friends place, your parents house or gather at a house/park party. Be careful. Only go out for food, medication and social distance exercise. Stay home and save lives.

Preaching over.

Today was cool. We did some very efficient and well maintained social distance shopping. The shelves were fairly well stocked and the staff were great, 90% of the public were avoiding others, people were doing their bit to make this easier.

Our walk home took us past a lovely sign that some young soul had left for people to smile at.

The darkest nights produce the brightest stars 🌟

This afternoon we watched an episode of Death In Paradise and I sat in the sunshine, on my doorstep, reading. I also did some washing and had a little catch up with some family. I saw a man, Owen Sheers

This is what you do when you’ve not got a garden 💐

This evening I made a lovely Bacon Egg Fried Rice and watched a film, under a blanket, with Luke. This fried rice was honestly really good. Try the recipe here;

Egg fried rice

Let me know what you’ve done with your self isolation time in the comments below.

Stay safe everyone!

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