Self Isolation: Day 15

Today marks self isolation +1! But it should also be said that today marks acceptance. What will be, will be. I’m here, I’m healthy (that I know of), and I’m still able to enjoy life. Right?

Well, today I didn’t do much to that effect. This morning I did some online shopping and a few stretches. I couldn’t do yoga because I overstretched a few days ago… goodbye baby abs that I’ve been working on. Although, something is better than nothing, or so they say.

This afternoon we had a lovely chat with Luke’s mum and my mum, followed by a lovely walk in the sunshine and around the local park. Again, it was very quiet, a few couples and the regular dog walkers we’ve seen before. I’m pleased to report there were no groups and people were exercising social distancing. East end park, LeedsButterfly East end park, Leeds

How beautiful our walk was. East End park is a lovely place for a walk and a relaxing escape from reality at the moment.

When we got home I read a book and did some codewords in the sunshine while Luke baked some bread, and then I baked some cookies;

I had a lovely chat with my sister this evening and even managed to get Luke to watch Bridget Jones’ Diary. We also enjoyed this lovely Mexican feast!

Stay safe and positive guys. 👍🏻💜

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