Self Isolation: Day 13

Sunday’s are for; relaxing, eating lots of food and not doing much at all… but as most of my self isolation has included all the aforementioned I tried to treat it as a normal productive-ish day.

Every day I’m trying to do; one productive, one active and one creative activity, as a minimum. Some days I don’t manage it, but that’s okay.

Today is Palm Sunday and this beautiful card from my Great Uncle brightened my day in unfortunate circumstances.Easter card

I’ve done some productive things today too; I washed some clothes, tidied my bedroom, went for a walk and did some colouring. Our walk took us to the local park where we saw this handwritten sign about protecting the NHS. Remember guys; stay at home unless you need food, medication, or some exercise!

Garden NHS coronavirus The message reads; “Stay at home or end up like this. Help save my daughter, an NHS worker.”

I’ve also got pretty good at Codewords and using my brain. So things are okay. Luke also made a gorgeous casserole and I made homemade Yorkshire puddings to go with it. You can see the recipe here:

Beef casserole

This evening we watched the 1996 adaption of 101 Dalmatians which gave us both a giggle.

I can’t believe how fast the time is going now I’ve (almost) adapted to isolating. I can only hope other people start thinking about it and stay safe.

How’s your Sunday been?

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