Self Isolation: Day 12

I can’t believe my fourteen days are almost up, apart from shopping for food we have completely separated from all physical human contact… and will do until we’re told otherwise.

It’s been a strange twelve days but it’s also taught me a lot about myself and I’m starting to appreciate my mind and body much more. Yoga is teaching me to appreciate my body has strength and can advance in many ways. Separation is teaching me that I’m not bad company, and I think I’ve picked the right partner. So that’s a relief too. I joke; I already knew we we’re good together.

On holiday in Budapest last year

Now I’ve been flicking through old photos I can’t wait to have a holiday and be able to go places.

We’ve also been discussing how lucky we are to have social media and technology allowing us to stay in touch with family and friends. Socialising has never been so easy when you can’t meet face-to-face. It’s a strange time, but also a time to reflect.

This morning I had a nice breakfast, and completed a new morning yoga routine which has made me feel a lot more comfortable and less panicked all day. I also did some adult colouring-in which is pretty cool.Adult colouring in

In the afternoon we had our daily walk and there were people out, but there were no groups, thankfully. We also had a fabulous catch up with my friends over video call and had a nice conversation and lots of laughs.

This evening we’re treating ourselves and ordering food in alongside a relaxed movie night.

What have you been doing today?

Stay safe guys and stay home where possible ❤️

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