Self Isolation: Day 11

Day eleven brings you a big bowl of comfort and a few smiles.

We had a lovely catch up with Luke’s Dad (on the phone of course) and lots of cat cuddles. Honestly, Angel and Coco (our white and black housecats, respectively) are what’s keeping us both sane at the moment.

Luke made a gorgeous soup from a load of vegetables we bought for cheap yesterday. See my other post for details; it tastes wonderful.Vegetable soup

After lunch we lazed about a little, admiring the cats sleeping patterns and talking about everything from family to holidays, and what we can’t wait to do when this all blows over. It’s looking like our fourteen day isolation could be up to twelve weeks, but we’re staying as positive as we can. 

What are you doing to stay positive?

We went for our usual walk and the weather was pretty good. We’re certainly getting to know the area we live in pretty well, and there’s very few people out and about, which is sad but, also a good thing.

I had a great catch up with my Grandad this evening and he’s doing okay. He’s very bored, but he’s keeping himself busy and having a good clear out (he’s a massive hoarder). He told me he had a lovely quiche for his dinner and enjoyed some time in his garden this afternoon. His neighbours have all been offering to shop for him, baking him some tasty treats and popping around regularly, which is really good because we live at the opposite side of the city and we don’t drive. The kindness and love from others is the best thing to come out of this nightmare I’d say.

Stay positive everyone! We are all in this together.Love and kindness


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