Self Isolation: Day Ten

Watching my cats sleep and dream is now a new task for the foreseeable. It’s amazing how they can sleep all day and feel zero guilt but if I don’t accomplish at least one productive thing a day I feel annoyed with myself. Ah, to be a cat.

Today was pretty pleasant. I applied for a few freelance jobs this morning. Then I had to watch Coco sleep on me for 95 minutes (yes I counted) which was a real shame. Josh (my brother) and his support workers also sent me a photo of an Easter bonnet they’d made together, which instantly brightened my day. Easter bonnet

We had a bit of lunch while starting a new series (to us) on Netflix, called Heroes. It looks good so far. Kind of weird, but also gripping, and it’s got Jessie from Gilmore Girls in it so that’s cool.

This afternoon we did laundry, general housework and went on our usual walk. We also popped to the shop and got some fresh vegetables and cupboard fillers. The panic buying seems to have finally stopped and, apart from pasta and rice being low, the shelves were pretty well stocked.

We also saw some beautiful daffodils on the walk home. How lovely, spring has sprung. Leeds parish church daffodils

The evening was spent eating homemade chilli, playing yet another online pub quiz game and snuggling on the sofa with the cats.

Day 10 complete. How was your day?

Black cat and white cat
Coco and Angel

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