Self Isolation: Day Nine

Today was all about family. Which was really lovely. Although you can’t physically reach out and hug your loved ones, you can contact them with the amazing technology we have available these days.

Imagine the coronavirus pandemic even 30 years ago- it really would be awful then… “Sorry Mum, won’t see you until this is over… could be 12 weeks, just saying…”

This morning I video called my Mum and sister, and it was so cute! We had a really good catch-up and giggle which, let’s face it,  we all need every now and again. I had a really anxious night last night so this was the pick-me-up I needed.

Take a look at this cheesy screenshot of us all on the call.

 Screenshot of family call

I’ve also had a productive day updating some things on my blog, and doing general housework and stuff.

Had some semi bad news about work and getting paid, but then I remembered how lucky I am to still have a job! And my family and me can all talk, not in the same room, but in the same city. You have to put things into perspective sometimes. It’s hard, but luck can be very deceptive.

We had a good walk round the local park and discovered a little snicket to a different part we hadn’t been to previously. The weather was pleasant for a walk, not too warm, and no cold wind today. I really am seeing the positives in the little things.

This evening we played virtual bingo via an online site run by JMC Entertainment on Facebook. Great guy, great bingo game. Luke even won a tenner. JMC Entertainment And we decided to treat ourselves to a Japanese meal which was lovely. Supporting local independent businesses is really important during this hard time we are all facing.

So today’s themes were definitely family and positivity.

Onwards and upwards folks. Stay safe, stay home.

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