Self Isolation: Day Eight

This morning I spilt tea all over myself so things could only get better from there. Kelly Brooke tea laughter

I can see you laughing at me Kelly Brooke…

So, yes, that happened, but I have moved on. Luke and me had a morning drinking the aforementioned tea and watching Death in Paradise. He made a delicious omelette (or as they are more affectionately known by those who’ve eaten one of his omelettes; an omenom (get it?))

I then looked at the Open University’s range of free online courses. There’s loads I want to take so that should keep me occupied for a few hours a day. You can check them out here;

Then we baked some bread (or rather, Luke did, and I supervised). It is smashing. I can’t wait to eat it with some soup tomorrow lunchtime. Freshly baked bread

Look at the crust on that 😍

After Luke’s new found baking talent, he decided we should put up the bunk beds in our loft bedroom. DIY of any kind is not my strong point but I gave it a go anyway. I was mainly just there for moral support but I felt useful for half an hour, and it’s still up now so I guess it went quite well.

Our daily walk today took us to the local park. The sun wasn’t shining but we had a good time anyway. It’s really important to get outdoors and refresh your senses, it’s also great for relieving stress.

The evening was full of laughter and games. We played an online Pub Quiz with a school friend, and then we played a few board games. If you haven’t got the Pointless board game yet; you should. And if you don’t have any (slightly) crazy games like Exploding Kittens (not as gory as the name makes it sound); then you definitely should. Exploding Kittens card game

Head to to get it while self isolation continues.

Stay positive people. Play games and celebrate your loved ones. We’re luckier than we think.

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