Self Isolation: Day Seven

Day seven is brought to you by an overstretched and overly clean Becky…

The bathroom has had its third deep clean since isolation started, and my back doesn’t think it will ever be the same again.

That said, I had a pretty productive morning, or should I say period of time between breakfast and lunch, because that is now my only way of viewing time. The space between eating a meal or snack.

I’ve organised my bed to have a cute owl family on it (see below), cleaned the bathroom and taken part in a half hour online yoga session. So it could be a worse day.Owl cushions on a bed

Yes, we know we really do need to decorate!

Yoga is a great relaxing form of exercise, it releases pressure in the body and the mind, whilst potentially giving you killer abs (although the latter remains to be seen). It can also be really difficult when you live with cats…

Cat yoga

It’s worse when your eyes are closed…

The afternoon involved a lovely walk to the Leeds Dock and the Royal Armouries. The wind was pretty wild today, but as we got into town there was plenty of people out for a jog. This guy was having a hard day of it too.Leeds Dock

Once we were home we had a Robert De Niro night, we watched The Intern (also starring Anne Hathaway), and Meet the Fockers (starring Ben Stiller, Barbara Streisand and Dustin Hoffman). Absolute modern classics in their own right.

What a good day… stay safe people.

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