Self Isolation: Day Five

I woke up to a cat on the bed and a smiling partner. Today is going to be better than I thought.

Spent the morning watching Benidorm, which is definitely making me crave the sun, and I had a real good laugh!

Summer robot sun

We had fish finger butty’s for lunch and I lathered mine with ketchup and tartare sauce because that’s how you pimp up Iceland’s fish fingers… it was actually so good.

The afternoon was moderately productive; we went shopping (and people were social distancing fairly well), we had a nice bit of outside time, and we watched the Ted Bundy film. Then we indulged in a tickle fight (which is always one sided because Luke always wins!)

I was also gobsmacked earlier by the fact the local Ford garage has removed all their outdoor cars… Ford garage

Does anyone else think this looks weird?

Now for some yoga, food and probably another movie. Luke suggests Dirty Grandpa… maybe he fancies Zak Efron? Should I be concerned?

We’re watching it and I’m drinking Hooper’s alcoholic Dandelion & Burdock so I’m very happy. Hoopers Dandelion and Burdock

Have fun and stay safe!

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