Self Isolation: Day Four

I’m beginning to think that watching Amazon Prime is a valid and essential activity for the rest of my self isolation.

Mr Robot is fascinating me and I’m honestly wondering if this level of cyber hacking is a thing. The writer certainly has a twisted idea of normality, morality and a sick sense of humour (which really works for each individual character too).

Also, Remi Malek’s eyes are a little scary (sorry mate).Remi Malek

Jokes aside, today was another anxiety filled day. I’ve been worrying about my Grandad, Mum, brother, sister and being apart from them for so long. I know it’s silly because there are some people in a far worse position than me, but I can’t even comprehend being away from them for so long.

The day dragged besides watching Remi Malek’s eyes, cleaning the kitchen and having a walk round the local park. I did see a really beautiful sunset though.

Now I’m writing this I’m thinking about how truly lucky I am, but that could be down to the half hour yoga session I just completed. Yoga truly is my down time. My time to just get out of my own head, eliminate my anxiety and feel a little piece of inner zen.

Enough of the whinging people, let’s all be more compassionate and grateful, and let’s kick corona’s butt!

Stay home folks! ✌🏼 💓

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