Self Isolation: Day Three

The sun always shines on the righteous… but why is it that the sun always comes out when you can’t enjoy it?

Today was filled with anxiety and laughter, a weird combination, but I have good people around me, so that’s the way it went.

It started off pretty smoothly as I relaxed in my pyjamas again, then I did a little bit of baking. Check out my summery classic of raspberry cupcakes. I know they’re a little bit wonky (that’s because I’ve left my bun tin at my Mum’s) but they taste great.

Raspberry cupcakes

Then, Luke and me watched a gripping programme called Mr Robot (available on Amazon Prime) which was honestly so good, and not my usual kind of show. I’m normally into crime dramas, murder mysteries, romance and the occasional horror. Mr Robot is very Sci-Fi, computer hacker madness. That’s my description… yeah, we’ll go with that.

After this we went for our usual afternoon walk. I started browsing houses and dreaming of buying one of them, and we saw a few lovely pictures in peoples windows celebrating key-workers with the new signature rainbow. There was also this funny bush that someone has decorated which definitely brightened my day.

Funny bush

You are all welcome

We went to Asda for milk and a few other bits, and I was incredibly alarmed by how busy it was, panic buying is still a sensationalised pandemic in itself, and there’s still a lack of many items this just added to my anxiety…

Once we were home I video-called my besties and had a real good laugh. This was 100 percent needed and I cannot thank them all enough. Talking things through and putting the world to rights in amongst laughing at each other was exactly what we all needed.

The evening was spent taking part in an online Pub Quiz which was also full of laughter; and a few cheeky drinks of course. We also ate a really tasty Teriyaki Salmon Stir Fry (not that I’m bragging).

Teriyaki Salmon Stir Fry

Now I’m watching Corrie in bed with a cup of Yorkshire tea and a Rocky biscuit bar. See you tomorrow.

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