Self Isolation: Day Two

Day two wasn’t met with quite as much optimism as the first… it’s my brothers birthday which usually means lots of hugs and cake. He has a chromosome disorder which means he can’t walk or talk in the ‘normal’ ways.

I laid in bed staring at the ceiling for about thirty minutes after I’d realised my partner was already up and on the PS4 downstairs. Then the impending doom and upset hit me that I couldn’t see Josh (my brother).

No hugs or cake for me…

Thanks Tina Fey

The following few hours were spent scrolling through my phone for raspberry recipes to give me some form of entertainment. But then! My brothers carer called the whole family for a video chat! Which was possibly the highlight of my day, because Josh is the most awesome human to have ever blessed this planet, not that I’m biased.

After this my partner and me ate some food and had some time watching Big Bang Theory again (this could potentially be our new lunchtime ritual, things could be worse).

We then decided to mop/vacuum the whole house. I say we, I basically told him that’s what we were doing.

After a while we decide enough of this cleaning and vacuuming, we need some outside time… so we took ourselves off around the local ghost town of Leeds. How pretty is this photo by the riverside? It’s especially cool because it was built the year I was born! Brewery Wharf

The evening was spent with Luke teaching me Yu-Gi-Oh and relaxing on the sofa. Today ended up being a pretty good day. Tune in tomorrow for another self isolation day!

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