U.K. Election 2019: Should you vote tactically?

Tactical voting has been around since the dawn of elections, and there’s a mind-field of information, pros and cons in the upcoming election. So, should you vote tactically in the 2019 election?

This election is arguably the most important of the century, it will decide who is the next Prime Minister, and which party settles the deal with leaving the European Union. yougov.co.uk

The Brexit fiasco has caused upset throughout the whole country, and our small divided nation has very little idea of where to turn. Meanwhile, whilst many of us are left bemused, our country leaders argue amongst themselves and scrap like children fighting for the last sweet from Halloween.

Whichever side you sit on, this is the election to determine who will make the deal. Will we leave by 31st January 2020? Who knows…

Pros of voting tactically:

  • In terms of Brexit, you can vote for the party you have the strongest allegiance to- even if they’re not your usual preference
  • If your desired party might not win, at least you can block your least favourite

Cons of voting tactically:

  • You’re not being true to yourself or your opinions
  • You don’t 100% know what will happen at the election
  • It’s arguably undemocratic and not fair representation of all beliefs and opinions Brexit

What does each party want?

  • Conservatives: take Britain out of the EU
  • Labour: put any Brexit deal to a referendum
  • Liberal Democrats: revoke article 50, cancel Brexit
    Brexit party: a no-deal Brexit
    Green Party: a second referendum

Feeling baffled by it all?

Aren’t we all? Check out this article:


Or find out how to vote in your area if you want to stay in the EU:


Or find out how to vote in your area if you want to leave the EU:


Happy Election everyone!

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