Smear tests: Cervical cancer screening: My first experience

Are you panicking about your first cervical screening?

Are you feeling unsure what to expect?

Are you worrying about what might be?

Don’t panic. Don’t feel unsure. Don’t worry. I had all these feelings and everything went well.

What is a smear test/cervical cancer screening?

A screening for cervical cancer is nowhere near as scary as it sounds. It’s not quite like a screening at the cinema… but it’s equally as pain free.

The screening is to check the health of your cervix, and it also doubles as a check for any potentially cancerous cells. The cervix is the opening to your womb from your vagina.


What happens at the screening?

The nurse takes you through to a private room, just your standard nurses station. You go behind a curtain, undress from the waist down, and lie on a bed. It’s important to relax. Just breathe. This is going to be pain free and it’s just a measure taken to check your cervical health.

Once you’re comfortable on the bed the test will begin. The nurse will insert a speculum into your vagina, slightly open your vaginal walls and take a sample from your cervix with a small, soft brush.

They will then remove the brush and speculum, and you are finished. When you have finished the test you may have some discomfort but you shouldn’t be in any pain. Some slight spotting is common but if you are concerned you can always contact your doctor.

It is so important to attend your cervical screening.

Don’t miss out on what could be potentially life saving. Be positive, be healthy, be informed about cervical health and cervical cancer.

I was panicking and nervous before my test, fretting about it for weeks on end. For months I avoided calling my Doctor’s Surgery to make and appointment, and by the time I finally did I’d made myself so anxious. But, it was fine. And, although I can’t promise yours will be fine, I can assure you it will be pain free and nowhere near as scary as you’re thinking.

Call your Doctor or Health Centre today and book your smear test.

For more information about Smear Tests visit:

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