Alpaca Walking at Moss Carr Farm Leeds

Alpaca walking is a thing, and it is fantastic! Think walking your dog (or your dog walking you) with the most personable horse/sheep you will probably ever meet.

One of my friends decided Alpaca Walking for her Hen Party was a good plan… at the time I was a little dubious but, of course, excited. Then, when we were walking them, I wanted to high-five her the entire time.

We visited Moss Carr Farm yesterday morning and met their wonderfully curious alpacas. Every one of them had a different personality and charisma… and of course I got the wacky one!

ALPACA FACT: They live to around 20 years old.

Alpaca’s have so much personality and are incredibly self aware, both as a group and individually. The cute little murmurs they make, both little and often, are their individual way of communicating a change around them.

The farm owners Roseanne and Nigel have seven of the funny animal friends and are full of facts about them. The walk was a good length and features some lovely views. We had a fantastic time.

ALPACA FACT: Alpacas suffer from loneliness, and love to be around each other. They never leave one of their own behind when out walking, and will stop in sync at any point.

Be sure to visit here and walk an alpaca very soon.

10/10 experience even in the rain!

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