Scarborough Alpamare Waterpark Review

If you are a waterpark fan, you like the seaside, and you love Yorkshire… this is the place for you.

The park oversees the sea, with its four-slides and a range of water features. You can be a thrill-seeker, a swimmer or just relax here.

Two beautiful heated pools overlook Scarborough bay, one of which is iodine filled (which has numerous health benefits, see below). There are also plans to open a spa here very soon.

Benefits of iodine:

  • It helps the thyroid gland to promote a good metabolism
  • It promotes healthy and shiny skin, teeth and hair
  • It boosts your immune system
  • It prevents hyperthyroidism
  • It removes toxic chemicals
  • It can prevent cancer

The park features a speedy dark run, a face-first slider, a two-person and a four-person rubber ring ride of a lifetime. My favourite was definitely the four- person one, seeing your friends faces makes the adrenaline fuelled day even more special. Check out the website for details on slides:

Adults pay £20 for a four hour session in peak season, but if you go on a quiet day in off-peak season you can have unlimited splash time.

This place is full of happy staff, awesome thrills and relaxing pools. A great day to be had by any age. There is also a cafe, and beer is available- you will need the extra calories for all the stairs you’ll climb to get to the slides!

You should definitely come here next time you’re seeking some excitement…

4 stars.

Images from google. All views my own. Prices correct on 10/09/18.

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