How Stean Gorge Review

If you enjoy adventure, thrilling drops, nature and wildlife then this is where you should be spending your free time. You can take an interesting walk alongside the Gorge and explore deeper into the caves here.

How Stean Gorge is found in the Yorkshire Dales, not far from Lofthouse, near Pateley Bridge, North Yorkshire.

A large gorge with impressive drops and deep caves has so much fun around every corner. Kids are sure to have a great time here, and while the weather is perfect you would be at a loss not to visit.

I visited with three friends last week and we all had a fantastic time. There’s even a “door to Narnia”, which, of course, kids found super cool (and we did, because we’re big kids too).#HowCoolAreOurHardHats

Narnia’s door

The visit takes roughly two and a half hours, depending on how much time you want to spend in places.

You can also abseil, canoe, cave, or Via Ferrata. ‘Via Ferrata’ means ‘iron way’ in Latin. And was originally used as a safe system of climbing rocky surfaces and getting men from one place to the next. Now it is used as a fun outdoor activity using ladders, wires, and beam crisscrosses. (You need to book at least 12 days in advance for these activities).


The gorge is a beautifully, naturally maintained piece of nature well suited for a day of fun. Gorge-walking is a good way of getting to know your limits, enjoying the outdoors… and learning how much you trust your friends!

On the edge…

The caves are also a truly amazing experience. They have been left totally in their natural state, no hidden lights, torches or anything is provided. You are plunged into darkness, surrounded by the scuffle of bats, trickle of water and the echo of voices. It’s a mesmerising experience full of mystery and of course, yet more fun. You will definitely be pleased when you reach the end, and in one piece.

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