Jump Arena Leeds Review

If you’re feeling like a massive ball of energy today, then pop down to Jump Arena…           a place where you can literally bounce of the walls and back again.

Jump Arena is a trampolining and indoor activity park. They have locations in Leeds and Gateshead in the U.K. And are looking for more property landlords to let out to them for more fun and jumping. At £8.50 for an off-peak hour of jumping, we were pleasantly surprised. There is an array of things to do alongside jumping the hour away.

Myself and a group of friends visited recently to experience an hour full of cardio, lots of laughs, and everyone’s individual jumping style.

To start with my friends and myself did some basic jumping on the trampolines. But it wasn’t long until one member started bouncing between the trampolines, and then we were all at it.

Jump Arena has basketball hoops for you to slam-dunk into, monkey bars and rings, speed tests, dodge-ball games, foam pits, tightropes, balance beams…. they thought of almost everything.

This experience was a mixture of shattering, funny and relaxing. We all had a great time.



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