London in 3.5 days

Last time I went to London (which was late November 2017) I had just three and a half days to cram as much sight-seeing in as possible. I went with my Mum, sister and my partner. Mum hadn’t been since the 1980’s so a lot had changed….

On day one we arrived at lunch-time, found our hotel in Kensington and unpacked. Cue our first photo, us getting off our first tube:

Next up, we travelled to nearby Covent Garden where the market was in full swing. Then we took a walk along the Southbank where Macmillan Cancer Support were making a beautiful video of names and messages to loved ones. Then we headed to Chinatown for a lovely dinner before checking out the Legostore and M&M world at Leicester Square. On day two we were up early and headed to the famous 221b Baker Street to see if we could spot the great Sherlock Holmes, had a lovely walk through Regents Park and then a spot of lunch at Camden Market and a wander round for the rest of the afternoon. The evening was spent at Leicester Square Christmas Market, followed by tea at the local bistro in Kensington.

On day three we were off to a late start after having to go to Apple store as Sarah’s phone was in failing. After that we went to Portobello Road market, which was packed with antiques, scarves, nick-nacks and plenty of culture from across Europe. We lunched in the local Sam Smith’s,which is a great chain pub in Britain, and then we headed to Harrods. In all honesty you could spend a full day in there. …Followed by Winter Wonderland…. which is literally like the Northern German Christmas Markets x a million. It took us nearly three hours to get round and boy was it worth it. The food stalls were ace, the beer was flowing and there was a strange German robot man floating around telling people where to go.

Day four was a fabulous end to our stay in LDN. We had a traditional British breakfast together at Garfunkel’s (try it when you come down south). Then we headed to the Embankment and visited Big Ben (which was covered in scaffolding so no photos), Westminster and Buckingham Palace before heading for the train home.

We had a great time visiting London even if it was just for 3.5 days. We even missed our regular tube journey’s for the first few weeks back up North!

Be sure to go to some of these places when you visit London and let us know what you thought?!

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