Things I have become obsessed with in my mid-twenties

So I’ve discovered I am becoming obsessed with soooo many wonderful things in my twenties. Is this normal? It’s like I’m nurturing myself in some way. I’ve been told pregnant women ‘nest’ when their baby is due… is this a ‘nesting’ session for my own future?

1. I can’t stop buying the two C’s… Cushions and candles. I know it’s wrong, but it seems so right to own upwards of ten cushions and candles. Is it? I’ve got enough candles to set a mansion alight and with all those cushions it would be even easier. I like scented candles, coloured ones, funky shapes, you name it. As for cushions, I’m obsessed with owls and people keep buying me them, funnier still I keep buying them for myself.

2. I keep googling places “I must travel to before I’m 30”. What happens after I’m 30?! Do I just stop travelling abroad? I mainly blame Pinterest for this, it’s becoming a favourite pastime- or should I say- present time.

3. Buying homewares. In line with cushions and candles I now have enough pans to cater an army and random vases in so many colours I will inevitably have to buy a house with five reception rooms.

4. Colour coding rooms for my future house. I’ve already decided the lounge will be yellow and grey (which will undoubtedly be outdated by the time I buy a house). My partner keeps buying blue towels (I’ve had no influence on this). And we both keep buying random red kitchen items. What is happening to me?!

5. I am a self-confessed cat woman. Cats are awesome. That is all. This is becoming more of an issue since my cat passed away….

6. Planning out my own and other people’s weddings in my mind… this is more concerning as I’m not even engaged. But surely there’s so much to decide that starting early is a good thing?

7. Eating kale and other leafy greens. To be honest I’ve always liked my greens, but since I read that leafy greens are what keep your skin young and toned I can’t stop eating kale. It even tastes good to me. I can just hear eighteen-year-old me telling me to enjoy tinned sweetcorn again.

8. Panicking and cramming in squats. As the age of thirty approaches I am worrying that my bum is going to be saggy if I don’t keep squatting! My mum keeps telling me she wishes she’d done more squats in her younger years which is making it worse…

9. Finding babies sooo cute. I’m not broody. And then I am. And then I’m not again. My ovaries are really having a confusing time of it at the moment. Until a baby cries uncontrollably and then the desire leaves me for a few days.

10. Saving money. I don’t even know what for? A mortgage? A holiday? A wedding? An event that I don’t even know about? For a rainy day? Goodness knows. But every month I count how much I have saved. What is this?

Are you becoming obsessed with anything in your twenties? Drop me a comment or message!

Thanks for reading.

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