The Resolution Hotel Whitby Review

Classic, yet modern. Relaxed, but sophisticated. Set back from the harbour of Whitby, The Resolution Hotel stands in the town centre, surrounded by beautiful views, restaurants, shops and cafes.

The reception area has some contemporary chairs made from old suitcases with cushioned seats added for a comfort. Anchors and helms give you a great first impression of age and culture beside the sea. The hotels modern contemporary style makes you feel instantly relaxed after  journey to North Yorkshire, and the staff too are calm and pleasant.86679969

Heading up to your room, there is a very small lift, one of the two problems with the hotel is it’s access to upper floors. The lift can only really hold four people and a couple of suitcase, obviously this is due to the age of the hotel, but it is a slight inconvenience.

Our room and our friends rooms were a good size, clean and good value for the price we paid. We paid £89 for a couple in a double room in June this year. The rooms are the standard white walls we are used to, but they feel homely because of the wood furniture, warm cream carpet and the lovely breeze blowing through the slightly opened windows (assuming you visit during the few days of British summer.)8474093_7_b

The food was also a good standard. We all had a full English breakfast, as included in the room price. Along with a choice of fresh filter coffee or tea, orange or apple juice, fruit salad (with star fruit which was a nice addition), toast, and a choice of cooked breakfast. The butchers bacon and sausage had very little fat, and were nicely seasoned. The vegetables were fresh, a few more beans would not have gone amiss but overall it was a good breakfast. Fresh and tasty.92157213

We all said we would stay again, the only two complaints we had were some slightly noisy neighbours, possibly due to it  being on the corner of a crossroads, and the lift. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay, with comfort, soft carpets, a relaxed feel and a good breakfast.


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