Theresa May plans for DUP backed government

Theresa May will today start her plan for a new government supported by the DUP(Democratic Unionist Party). At 12.30 she will head to meet the Queen for her approval.

Brexit negotiations will be at the front of her mind as she starts out as an elected Prime Minister. But that will not make it easier for Labour fans to deal with as a huge forty percent of the vote goes unnacounted. The Brexit negotiations will now either be ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ as May seeks the best deal for the United Kingdom. The problem there will be, of course, that we are not United at the moment, there is a clear divide between conservative and Labour and the former has a weak majority.

A 2.4% majority hardly seems something to be pleased about, it should, surely, be seen as more worrying, confusing even. With both campaigns now over, it is clear to see that the conservatives failed to connect during the manifesto launch. May went from feeling almost certain to win, to narrowly making the top. Corbyn has been supported by fans even with this loss, May has had less than positive greetings from broadcasters.

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said: “The Prime Minister has lost all authority.” Adding to Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron’s call for her to step down saying “if  she has an ounce of self respect she will resign.”

Is it now time to think about proportional representation? For years there have been very close wins in elections with thousands, even millions of people going unnacounted. The north and south divide is evident again as well with most Labour seats being in the north. Scotland shows a change from being SNP protected and now with a few more parties gaining seats.

Now she is on her way to Westminster, to start the ball rolling with barely a chance to prove herself worthy. One of her own party said “there were too many dashesnof arsenic in our own manifesto”. Is this why May didn’t get her majority?

One thing is for sure, Corbyn patting a colleague’s breast accidentally has made this whole thing easier…


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