Little Tokyo Leeds Restaurant Review 

Little Tokyo has been described as ‘a little piece of Japan’ brought into Leeds city centre. The decor and furniture capture this view well as you step into the Central Road restaurant. 

Little Tokyo is open for lunch and evening meals all day, every day. They offer a lunch menu, authentic currys, bento boxes and much more, all of which is traditional Japanese cuisine. 

When we visited yesterday we opted for the lunch menu which is a series of set meals for you to choose from. Two of our party had a traditional and incredibly popular Yakisoba which was served with spare ribs, one had a Vegetarian Yakisoba with crispy vegetarian spring rolls and one had Chicken Katsu with salad. Vegetarian Yakisoba and spring rolls

Yakisoba is a fried noodle dish, usually full of Japanese vegetables and chicken, occasionally with prawns or pork as well. The noodles are soft and thin and covered in a slightly sweet sauce. Perfect  Japanese comfort food on a plate. 

Chicken Katsu is a form breaded chicken which is pan fried. It is served with a Katsu curry sauce which is slightly sweet and with a mild spicy flavour, it is a thick curry sauce to accompany the chicken.

The food was beautiful, filling and reasonably priced. The lunch menu is just £6.95 and the main menu varies from £6-19. The portions are pretty large but we couldn’t resist ordering some extra dim sum which were nicely filled but a little too soggy on the top. 

8/10 for food 

7/10 for appearance/cleanliness

7/10 for presentation 

8/10 for service 

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