Broadchurch: You cannot just leave it there… 

Things that went through my head while watching Broadchurch last night.

  1. It’s got to be Kathy’s husband. I mean, who keeps a fishing rod and stuff when they don’t even fish? “I couldn’t bear to get rid of it.” Yeah, right, mate. And I couldn’t bear to get rid of the chippy paper from last week.
  2. Why are journalists always depicted as idiots of the universe? Poor lass just wants to keep her head up as a local reporter- she’s been doing it for god knows how long.
  3. Why would an ISVA(rape support person) meet up with a victim/client in a public place? It’s not very private if you are sat in a cafe. And Beth is lovely but she’s not exactly quiet….
  4. Trish’s ex-husband seemed normal until he refused a DNA sample and acted like he was confused by Hardy taking notes… why would he not want to clear his name when he knows how many blokes were at the party?
  5. Thank God I have never met a taxi driver like him…. nice little red herring do we think!
  6. Do the police really push victims to give details of their sex lives? 
  7. Why would Trish not want to rule the person she had sex with out?
  8. That text. That. Text.
  9. Chilling. It chilled me.
  10. You cannot leave it there!

Plenty of questions and things to think about for the nextweek  Broadchurch. Thanks a lot.

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