Ten things I wish I had known ten years ago

This year I have seen loads of positive posts on social media, the generic ‘New Years Resolution’ seems to be to give ourselves ‘less of a hard time’. Seems like a plan, right? So I have thought of ten things I wish I had known when I was a naive 14-year-old. I gave myself a hard time as a teen, and I vow to stop being so judgemental to myself for the rest of my twenties (and hopefully my life!). Hopefully it will help some of you fellow young women out there, whether you are 14 or 34.

1.You will lose friends, but you will make totally awesome new ones. You will meet some truly amazing people and some horrible ones in your teens and twenties. And, probably, in life. But the ones who stay by your side will be great. Infact, psychologists say if a friendship last seven years then you will probably be friends forever. Thankfully, most of my current friends have been around me since I was 16 and thought I knew it all. I 100% did not and still do not have a clue about most things. *Insert laughing emoji* Gosh, being a girl is hard sometimes!

2. You need to stop judging yourself by everyone else’s achievements and milestones.  I am probably the worst person ever for this, but whether  its passing your exams with A-Cs or buying a house…. stop telling yourself you’re going too slow. You will get there. Some people get their ‘dream job’ at 21, some struggle like mad to get there. Some people get engaged at 18, some don’t marry until they are 40. It’s just the way it goes.  Being a good person is far more important than the material and physical things we can have. I really need to listen to my own wisdom here…

3.Try not to take out all your problems on your parents, they will always be there for you. All girls take out their anger and frustration out on their loved  ones, but you shouldn’t. Your mum is an ultimate babe. Your dad is a king. Your mum has been there, done that, bought the dress and dated the dodgy guy. She knows. A lot.

4.The music in your teens sounds great, but you might question your tastes later. This is a bit of a personal one but I loved all the music that was out in the charts when I was 14/15. Now I really don’t like half of it… and neither do my friends. But the lyrics that meant nothing to you then will mean a lot more now… What were we singing that for?!

5.You need to stop thinking you are too fat or thin. Your body changes throughout puberty, different jobs and lifestyles. You need to stop judging it so harshly. Every woman I have ever met has moaned about at least one part of her body. But you have to learn to love it, treat it right and have good days and naughty days with food and fitness. But most importantly, love it!

6.If you are in need of a cheeky meal? We all need a treat from time-to-time, I have heard from a fellow blogger that chicken dippers, curly fries and spaghetti hoops has less calories than supermarket meal deal! And I agree with her that I would certainally be more satisfied and full from the first meal than a sandwich and a fruit pot. Although I would rather have baked beans than spaghetti hoops.

7.Try to stop caring about what everyone else thinks. You can only be yourself. Just because someone thinks you are not as good as them, does not mean that you are not as good or better. As long as you can look yourself in the mirror, and be okay with who you are, your actions and your word, then you are doing great.

8.When you are feeling down, talk to people. The old chestnut ‘a problem shared’ is so true. Talking to people is always a good idea, it means you can be helped, given advice or even just hugged. Friends and family will always help you out (If the are good ones… see point 1.)

9.If you are feeling miserable drink the good stuff. Nope, I don’t mean vodka and coke. Green tea is great to decrease bloating, chamomile calms and relaxes, and peppermint helps with digestion. Similarly, eating dark chocolate and nuts gives you protein and they are ‘feel- good’ foods with plenty of good qualities to make you feel better.

10.Don’t chase the guy or the girl for too long. The perfect person you like who doesn’t seem to be able to see you, and who you think is totally too good for you, totally is not. You are too good for them. Sure have a little chase and a laugh but don’t invest all your time in some picture perfect image that is probably not going to be all that. Every teen has had their heart broken and very few end up as Cinderella… I’d go for the geek who is totally into you, he seems nice. I should have done that sooner myself. Then you can take loads of ridiculously cute photos like this one *insert love heart eyes emoji here*.

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