Section 40: Free the press, free the voice

Section 40 is part of a law which allows journalists to be protected when they are reporting or investigating a person or people, without being sued for libel (put simply that’s what it is anyway). They are after all just doing their job.

We journalists are just the same as you (I use the phrase “we journalists” losely as I am not currently employed as one), just working to have our voices heard and have Freedom of Speech for all. In effect just working as storytellers to give you the news you need to know.

Infact, without journalists we wouldn’t find out about anything really. We would not have  found out about these things, for example; MP’s expenses, Fifa corruption, Labour MP Keith Vaz and his prostitutes,  or the killers of teenage Stephen Lawrence- just to name a few things.

However, Section 40 is currently under threat. In truth, it sort of always has been, let’s face it, journalists were once in the Top 5  most hated professionals.

And it’s not often that I listen to  Jeremy Clarkson (he’s into flash cars and I’m into ballroom dancing and high heels…) but he was spot on when he said: “If we introduce a new legislation… It will stop them writing about the stuff that does matter.” (From his article in The Sun on Christmas Eve.)

 (Join the Hacked Off campaigners)

Today is the last day that we can appeal the possible law change that would make our press lose its freedom. The last day we have to prevent our press from being monitored and restrained in their reporting.

Go to: to have your say. We have until 5pm.


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