Top Ten Pinterest Pins that every twenty-something girl is pinning

Twenty-something women are going through a whole new phase in life, I like to call it the “I should plan for every dream possible” phase.

  1. Wedding pins. The dress, the shoes, bridal wear, the right style of suit for the groomsmen, what flowers are perfect for your spring wedding. It’s like, so important to plan in advance, you know (even if you’re not engaged…)
  2. Cute animal photos. Mainly pugs and blue kittens. Because paw prints are so adorable. (That tongue though!)
  3. Autumn clothes that are bang on trend. Last year it was all about the burgundy bags, capes, coats and boots (well that’s all I was pinning). This year it’s all about stripes, big cats and velvet. Basically the 80’s revamped. See how hard it is to keep on trend?
  4. Top knot perfection. Scruffy bun. Twisted bun. High bun. Throw-up bun. Gosh it’s hard being a woman.
  5. Tasty food that’s low in calories. Women in their twenties become obsessed with staying slim and fighting the natural biological bigger hips scenario. And, to be honest there’s some great tasting low calorie food.
  6. Quick and easy food. Who knew there were more options than pasta…
  7. Fitness and health. Becoming a fitness fanatic is like so cool. Top pins: how to perfect The Eagle yoga pose, how to get a toned six pack in four weeks, how to reduce cellulite in your thighs. So important.
  8. All things make-up. What is your ideal lip liner shade? And of course brows are a necessary facial feature to perfect.
  9. Home decor ideas. Whether you already have your own place or you are desperate to move out, pinning several home ideas a day will surely mean you live in an absolute show home.
  10. Travelling to awesome places. Every twenty-something girl wants a getaway every now and again. From city breaks to Budapest to relaxing breaks in Bora Bora or shopping with the girls in NYC. We can dream.  

What do you think? Are you pinning away on Pinterest right now?

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