Tasty Breakfast Ideas

In need of some different breakfast ideas? Tired of the same cereal or toast options? Look no further. Here are some tasty ideas you can make up in less than ten minutes, perfect for any day of the week. 

Something With A Kick

Try some healthy avocado toast topped with chilli flakes. Simply toast some wholemeal bread, spread with some light spread and add thin slices of ripe avacado. A squeeze of fresh lemon juice will mix the chilli and avacado perfectly to wake you up and fill you enough ready for your day.

Popsugar.com have the same idea…

A Scottish Twist 

Smoked salmon and cream cheese could be right up your street. Try it in a bagel with some freshly chopped chives. “Guid gear comes in smabulk” as they say. (Meaning good stuff comes in small sizes.) 

Recipeshubs.com knows what it’s all about…

Lunch For Breakfast

The classic pastrami and cheese toastie is what it’s all about. Pastrami comes from Turkey and pairs well with Kaskaval (stringy cheeses), Edam or Masdaam work well, as they will melt into the meat easily when toasted. Add a dash of mustard to create a tasty lunch-fast of your own. 

Hdimgallery.biz carefully serves this with a gherkin or two…

A Healthy Alternative 

Go all out Greek goddess on yourself and have plain Greek yoghurt with a squeeze of runny honey over the top. Add some flax seeds and berries for the ultimate superfood breakfast delight.  

Dishmaps.com even layers theirs…

New York, New York

Developed in America with British ingredients who could not like Eggs Benedict? There are two stories of how the eggs get their name, wether they were cooked for a Mr Benedict or made as a hangover cure by a Mr Benedict. Either way combine two halves of English muffins with thick slices of ham and two runny poached eggs. Then pour over hollandaise sauce to complete the dish. (You can buy this in most supermarkets.) A garnish of rocket makes for a good complimentary kick of pepperiness.

Jdwetherspoon.co.uk has it bang right…

A British Classic

Can you beat the Great British Bacon Sandwich? Grilled or fried we are satisfied…  The hotly debated topic is of course wether to have red or brown sauce, butter or no butter. Perhaps even all three would be award winning? If you often have bacon, then how about trying an alternative in the form of turkey rashers?  

Google.com the hot debate…

Happy breakfast making.

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