Red My Lips: Be Bold, Be Strong 

April is International Sexual Violence Awareness month. It is a month where we can try to help end victim blaming, speak out against it, and be bold and strong.

Red My Lips are an international charity with the simple notion that victim blaming and sexual violence is wrong. 

Founder, and sexual violence victim, Danielle Tamsimo, created the non-profit organisation after a truly horrific experience in her personal life and then in the court system. She was told that jurors “do not like women who drink” after she was raped by a housemates friend. This terrible experience made her want to fight against the system and all those who do not want to fight injustice and violence. She told “I was shocked to learn firsthand how common it is for loved ones, the legal system, even councillors to blame, shame and silence survivors.”


When you wear a bold colour, particularly day after day, people start to notice.

Red My Lips was founded in 2011 and started making an impact in 2012. Since then the charity has helped hundreds of women and men in the challenge against rape and violence. 

Also in an interview with, Danielle said she hoped victims would see that people care by showing their support on their faces. “When you wear a bold colour, especially day after day, people take notice.”

This April, wear red and show your support for victims everywhere. And remember, not all victims look the same.

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