Super Superfoods: My Top Ten

Superfoods are way more than just veggies that are extra good for you, they carry the best oils, cancer-fighting natural sources and feel good factors. For these reasons, we have all grown to love them. And here are my favourites. 

10. Flaxseeds

These chewy seeds can be a pain to eat, but they are super good for you and don’t taste half bad either. Plus they are full of plant omega-3s which have shown to be great for a healthy heart, lowering cholesterol and cutting fat. They also have a lot of lignans, which are thought to prevent breast, prostrate, colon and ovarian cancer, more than any other food. They’re great in muesli, or grated over some natural yoghurt.

9. Sardines 

Just three ounces of these tasty fish can provide all of your vitamin D for one day. And are also packed with omega-3 fats. Who doesn’t like sardine and tomato on toast?

 8. Walnuts 

Walnuts are super tasty and while you’ve probably never heard of them apart from those sweet walnut whip treats, they can also be used in healthy recipes such as salads and nut roasts. Just seven of the beauties can provide double your daily amount of alpha-linolenic acid, which is an omega-3 fat proven to improve your memory and coordination. Why not try a delicious goats cheese, beetroot and walnut salad this spring?

7. Asparagus 
This vegetable is rather difficult to grow but you will reap the benefits of high levels of vitamins A and C, potassium, calcium and iron. They are also a diuretic which means you will never be bloated after these green beauties. I say green, but in France the asparagus is purple. Tasty recipe idea: steamed asparagus with smoked salon and topped with a poached egg.

6. Black beans 

Commonly used in Mexican dishes such as burritos, these black beauties are a great source of protein as well as being full of fibre and great for digestion. They have also been known to lower risk of Type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. They taste fabulous in a chilli, super for vegans too.

5. Blueberries 

While you often see these packed into a sugary muffin, they are lovely on their own as a snack. Great for your brain and memory with antioxidants practically spilling out of them. They can even be frozen without damaging their vitamins, which is great if you want to keep them for a while and have them in the summer. They also have a super low glycemic index (GI) which means there is a very low amount of sugar in them which means they can be eaten by people with Type-2 diabetes with no bad effects. They are also super good in a smoothie with natural yoghurt.

4. Spinach 

We all know that ‘leafy greens’ are good for us, packed with vitamin K, spinach is no exception. Infact half a cup of spinach provides more than five times the recommended amount of the vitamin, which helps build strong bones and prevents blood clots. The greener the lead the better bough according to health experts. Arguably there is not much better for a salad than spinach, courgettes and water cress drizzled with balsamic vinegar…. Delish!

3. Salmon 

Healthy heart galore with three ounces providing enough omega-3 for a day. The tasty fish is packed with vitamin B12, vitamin D, and selenium. Also a good source of protein, choline, pantothenic acid, biotin and pottasium. This means it is great for your joints, insulin effectiveness and the digestive tract.  

It is really versatile for cooking too, bake it simply with dill and lemon, pan fry it and serve with tomatoes, steam it with vegetables. Fabulous.

2. Sweet potatoes

The potatoes’ jazzy siblings are here to stay. In the last  decade more and more people have started eating these sweet beauties and  they have health benefits to boot. Half a baked sweet potato gives you 450% of you recommended dose of vitamin A, which protects your immune system and vision. They also have vitamin B thiamin and potassium which is great for the nervous system, sucked and blood pressure. Plus it has more than 70% vitamin C, that’s double the amount in a standard white potato.

1. Strawberries

A little red seeded fruit, but it’s no much more than that; an aphrodisiac, cancer fighter, vitamin C and K provider, digestive aider, teeth whitener and fibre provider. Is there anything this fruit can’t give us? Except they’re not actually a fruit, with seeds on the outside of plant they’re actually runners… See for more info.

What more is there to love? Well, they could be the tastiest cancer fighters because they are packed with ellagitannins, photochemicals that can fight colon and cervical cancer growth. 

Tasty on their own, dipped in chocolate, or more surprisingly with balsamic vinegar and even cheese. / recipe /


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