International Women’s Day: What did the world do to celebrate? 

So today marks the day we appreciate women everywhere from all walks of life, and of course the super important ones who have made a difference to our world. 

But what is the world doing to celebrate and appreciate today?

  1. An All-Women Crew Air India celebrated today with a flight which flew from New Delhi yesterday and landed in San Francisco today, it comprised of an all women crew. Of course, it went effortlessly well and the company plans to send another 22 flights out in the coming weeks with all women crews.
  2. America rang the bell. Lakshmi Puri, Deputy Executive Director of UN Women, rang the bell this morning at 9am to commemorate the 108th anniversary since the first day was celebrated.
  3. The Russian president said women are “true soul of Russia”. Russian folk celebrate the day with family and feasting and television programmes will showcase women’s achievements over the years. Russia declared it a holiday in 1918. Below, Putin last year, ahead of saying women are the soul of Russia this year.
  4. Vietnamese people celebrate as a family. Vietnam doesn’t have an official day off work but they celebrate it widely and again for a second day in the year on 20th October.  Family, friends and colleagues gather to celebrate and encourage other women to achieve their best and do it for the girls. www.ticvietnam.vt
  5. London’s arts festival. There are several feminism, poetry, comedy and inspiring talks set to happen this week (8-13 March) at the Southbank Centre in London. Have a look here: WOW (Women of World) celebrates annually all the things that women can and will achieve.   
  6. Taiwan celebrated Women on the Web. Hosting an evening about women who have become entrepreneurs and launched websites globally. Here’s a list of loads of powerful girls in technology:
  7. Brisbane’s auctioned women’s artwork. Putting the pieces together was a charity auction in Brisbane today celebrating women’s work. It raises money for Zigzag Young Women’s Resource Centre.
  8.  Portugal’s Internet of Things. Key talkers included; Christina Lopes, an energy healer, writer and spiritual healer, and Teresa Horta e Costa who works with Muzzley, a firm who specialise in home resources and interweb design.
  9. Berlin celebrated with it’s brightest stars in music technology.  A range of speakers spoke about the influence of women in music-tech and around the world. Some speakers included; Kat Young (Soundcloud, Salt + Sass), Michaela Burgle (Ableton) and Teshia Treuhaft (Senic).
  10. Brazil’s beauty carnival march. Every year Brazil marks the occasion by celebrating the beauty of women and how far they have come in terms of money, rights and equality, while speaking out about the inequalities they still face.

Also Google did this cool thing #OneDayIWill


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