Newcastle’s Cat Cafe: Mog on the Tyne

Newcastle’s first cat cafe is the place to be if you are a fan of the fluffy members of feline family. A clowder of the cuties awaits you in this small but spacious cafe, on Pudding Chare, in the heart of the city centre.

On a visit to Newcastle to see a friend, myself and my partner could not help but take a look inside. The cattery cafe has nine cats, all from a rescue centre called Westgate Ark.


Owner, Katie Glazier, is originally from Yorkshire (hence the Yorkshire tea on the menu) and loves nothing more than cats.

She said she wanted to share her love of cats by rehousing some in a happy and safe environment.

I could not help but fall in love with Gismo, a beautiful mix of tortoise shell, black and white. Just beautiful, and so soft.   


Her daughter, a ten month old kitten, Maggie, is never far from her side.  
Her brother, also ten months, Sir Francis, is also a real sweetie, but defiantly wants to be the Lord of the manor. Or the joker- who knows?  

Infact, there are just too many cats to mention, but all as cute as one another. It’s easy to understand why people do not want to leave after their reserved time. Plus they have some awesome tea bag holders…. 
It is clear to see the cats are content, here is Tinks, being lady of the manor.  
And Rum and Sybil,  the tortoise shell siblings, simply love snoozing side by side. It is just paradise.   

This cafe is the perfect place to come and relax with some of the calmest, coolest and most content house cats you will ever meet.

10/10. Because the cats are ‘purrfect’. 

Price: Average for coffee and cake

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