Quilliam’s Tea Room Delights, Newcastle has got it right!

Over sixty different teas, several sweet treats and amazing surroundings. Pretty damn awesome for a tea shop in a town centre? Yes. Quilliam’s has been in Newcastle since 2013, and it’s easy to see that it will be around for many years to come. 

A selection of white, green, oolung, yellow and black teas, plus fruity, calming, exotic and even cocktail-based teas await you.

 Before I explain how truly beautiful the tea was, lets first look at the lovely interior architecture of the building. Genuine wooden floorboards, a gorgeous staircase, and brick wall interiors set the pace for a truly relaxed, natural and brilliant afternoon drinking session. Tea of course. It is an eclectic mix of vintage style and contemporary pizzazz. From sipping on the floor to slurping on a sofa, Quilliam’s is the ultimate tea-drinking delight.

  My partner posing for a truly inspiring tea photo.

Moving on to our tea-drinking experience. I picked out the Amaretto black tea which was served with milk. It took a good twenty minutes to decide though after a hard decision between that and Milk Oolung, Caramel infused tea and Rose Garden. My partner picked the Apple Strudel rooibos which was served with honey for extra sweetness. 

 Me enjoying the tea.

My other friend also enjoyed the most moist and tasty orange cake we had ever tasted. Bursting with flavour, filling and nicely priced too. Infact all of the food and drink was under £5.   

  100% recommend. 

9/10 because noones perfect, except the tea. You might want to ring up and book because this place gets very busy. 

Price: Cheap and quirky, you can tell you’re Up North. 

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