Top Ten Tastiest Teas

British folk love a good cuppa, it is probably due to us owning some of the best tea growing countries back when we had empires. Some of the tastiest teas come from Asia, and here is my countdown of the top ten best teas.

10. Rose and Blue cornflower

Not the tastiest tea on this list but beautiful and delicate to look at and drink. There’s not so many health benefits with this tea, it is more a British garden in a cup, than a British health geek. However, rose is a natural laxative which can mean that drinking a cup of this stuff relieves any bowel problems.

9. Gunpowder

 Classically British you might think, a throwback to Guy Faukes? But no, it’s actually a Chinese green tea with a twist; a smokey aftertaste but not as harsh as Lapsang Souchong. This tea is invigorating and tasty. Like all green leaved based teas, Gunpowder is known to create a stronger immune system,  healthier heart and longer life. 

8. Dandelion

First tried and tested because I really liked the sugary drink Dandelion and Burdock- and still do. Dandelion is so much more than just an unwanted weed that grows every summer, it has some great health benefits. Most notably it is good for your liver and kidneys, and has been known to reduce risk of urinary tract infections in women. 
7. Lavender Earl Grey

This English tea is fantastic in aiding sleep and is most commonly used as a relaxant to induce sleep. It’s also great for migraines, nervousness and pain. It has however been found to cause some irritation and problems to people using repeated medication or with anti-depressants. 

6. Iron Budha

Like many of the Chinese teas in this article, one of the components is oolung tea, which is rolled with Tie Guan Yin flavouring. The tea is classically floral tasting with a slight tartness on the finish, and very lightly flavoured fruity taste. It’s great for weight loss, general health and deoxidising.

5. Peppermint

Most commonly known for its digestive benefits, peppermint tea is great for oral health, the stomach and can reduce pain and inflammation. Think tasty chewing gum but with healthiness.

4. Green tea with lemon (and honey)

Green tea is one of those go-to healthy drinks. The benefits of drinking it are endless, as with all herbal teas to be honest. But green tea has Authority Nutrition saying its “the worlds healthiest drink”. It is known to help people lose weight and keep it off, reduces risk of serious illness and can even make you live longer. I drink mine with lemon and honey for an extra digestive aid and sweetness.

3. Jasmine

Jasmine tea is jasmine flowers classically mixed  with oolung leaves for a delicate taste. It’s dainty flavour (I often leave it to brew for longer!) makes it easy drinking and, you guessed it; calming. It’s health benefits include; reducing risk of heart attacks, helping with weight loss, regulating circulation and building a stronger immune system.

2. Camomile

Camomile means “ground apple” and comes from the Eygptian and Roman eras in Greece. The name makes sense as the tea can be sweet depending on the part of the plant used. Health benefits include; it can be used as an antibacterial, it soothes stomach ache, helps with digestive problems and is great for cleansing your skin. 

Drumroll please………. Which tea might it be?

1. Ginseng Oolung!

My favourite ever tea. I first tried it in Beijing, with fancy cups and a group of twenty people in a tea-tasting unison; I fell in love. This tea is probably the best ever because it tastes fantastic and it is good for you. A classic Chinese blend of ginseng; which is known to reduce stress, promote relaxation and lower blood sugar and cholesterol levels. And oolung; which has equally shown to reduce stress, diabetes and can prevent development of cancer cells.



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