Cosmopolitan Hotel: Valentine’s Meal Review

Last night and tonight lots of people will have been crowding bursting restaurants, and all in aid of showing our loved ones how much we love them. Of course there is the old cliche of loving them everyday of the year and not just February 14th, but never the less- we seem to go to extreme lengths at this time of the year, as if to prove ourselves to every other soul searching individual.

That said, this was mine and my partners first meal out on Valentine’s Day. We opted for a five course meal at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, in Leeds. At £55 for two it was a steal compared to other restaurants, chains and independents.  

 The menu, sourced from

When we arrived at the restaurant we hovered in the doorway expectantly until a young pink-haired bombshell took us to our table. A friendly girl, clearly eager to make this shift a good one. We ordered a bottle of Merlot, a reasonable price at £17.50 a bottle, £6.60 for a large glass.

Soon after the manger came to take our food order, I went for the baked Camembert and my partner decided on the duck spring rolls. The later was laid on a bed of noodles which could have benefitted from some more soy or hoisin sauce, but were al dente which is always good. The rolls were crispy and well filled with no oily residue- a definate good sign of a perfect Spring roll. My Camembert could have had some garlic maybe to infuse it slightly but it was served with a maple sauce instead. An interesting and daring decision which I took a while to agree with but was pleasantly surprised with the rich cheese and sweet sauce.   


We both had the steak for our main course. It was succulent, cooked to specification and well seasoned. Juicy, tender and gamey.  The chips were nicely done but no one came back to offer me some vinegar, a needs must for my palate.   

Lastly, a  beautiful selection of sharing deserts. A beautifully layered pastry in the Mille fuelle; a rich amaretto infusion on the cheesecake- perhaps which could only have been bettered with some sliced almonds; and a delicious, delicate and perfectly flavoured chocolate pot which was by far our favourite.   


We had to wait a while and ask for our coffee and tea, but both were good and served with some beautiful chocolates.    


Rating: 7/10. A good show, missing some top notch service and some seasonings. 

Price: Average 

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