Twenty-something: Expectation versus Reality

When I was sweet sixteen I imagined my future self as a twenty-something guru; I wanted to be good at everything and have life falling at my feet. Unfortunately, this hasn’t exactly happened. But it’s not a bad thing- because not everyone else my age has it all together either. 

I’m 23, so I’ve settled into my 20’s and I can imagine the way my future seems to be heading- and this is what I’ve discovered you might discover in your twenties. 

  1. At 16, you think you’ll have a super-swag flat in your twenties. Reality, you’re still living with your parents, or you live in a decent sized box, or shared house.   It’s okay though, I love my brother falling asleep on me.
  2. You think you’ll have a fantastic, fast-paced and exciting job. This hasn’t exactly happened for me- I mean I’m pleased I got to become a supervisor at work- but seeing all you people with fabulous jobs makes me a little jealous.   
  3. You reckon you will have a cool car and all your friends will be hitching a ride. My reality is that only two of my friends can drive- it was cool at first- now I want to have my own car. It’s not cool asking your grandad for a lift all the time.    He is an incredible person though. 
  4. You think you’re friends will have super cool jobs too. I be honest, all my friends jobs are relatively cool. In my group I have nurses, computer wiz kids, a kitchen assistant, a nursery nurse and a racer. Now that’s super cool!   Photo pinched from said friend.
  5. You think you’ll have some amazing memories. You do.      Keep on making them. 
  6. You hope you’ll have gone to some awesome places. Try your best to do this, my favourite place I’ve been- China. Do it.   
  7. You reckon you’ll still be friends with all the same people. You’re probably not. But those you are still friends with, will mean the world to you.    
  8. You think you’ll be partying like a hardcore rocker every weekend. My reality- I still don’t know my limits and am regularly sent home to sleep it off.       
  9. You think you’ll have really awesome interests. In all honesty you just really love your cat.  And you’re family- they’re pretty awesome too.  My cat is just perfect and anyone who disagrees is just wrong.   
  10. You think you’ll lead the most exciting life ever. Really you just like baths, scented candles and baking. As a stereotype of course…    

So, it’s okay to be making your own way in life. Things changed, keep winging it- you’re doing great.

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