My Top Ten Ways to De-Stress 

Feeling the tension of life problems? Stressed out over a family argument? Had enough of the daily grind?

Here are some great ways to calm you down.

  1. Have a hot bath. The body needs rest and pampering on a regular basis. It is important to unwind and relax when you can. The heat of the hot water relaxes tensed muscles which are a proven physical reaction of stress.  
  2. Light some fragranced candles. Lavender is known for relaxing, other choices known to produce calming effects are chamomile, jasmine and vanilla. Oil burners would also work. 
  3. Eat some dark chocolate. Not only is it healthier for you than its white and milk alternatives- it’s proven to reduce stress and low moods. It increases endorphin levels in the brain (they are what makes us happy). And, according to ‘Psychology Today’ pregnant mothers can give birth to stress-free children by eating it.
  4. Talk to your friends. The old tale that a problems shared is a problem halved could well be true because talking through your problems can help you see different points of view and give guidance.
  5. Stroking your pet. This may sound like a funny one, but petting your cat, dog or whatever pettable pet you have, releases endorphins and makes you feel calmer. Plus, animals are cute which definitely helps.  
  6. Drinking a hot drink. Awarmdrink provides you with a relaxing sensation which helps you destress. When drinking a hot beverage your body temperature  increases which gives you a feeling  of comfort  which is what makes you relax.     
  7. Taking a stroll. Walking, and indeed any exercise, releases endorphins and is known to invigorate and enhance the body’s well being.  When feeling stressed a ten minute walk can make you feel a lot calmer.
  8. Breathe through it. Deep and slow breathing brings your heart rate back to a ‘normal’ pace for you, because when you are stressed your heart rate increases and so does your blood pressure.
  9. Step away from technology. Your mobile, laptop and other devices could be causing you stress. Seeing images of people living their life better than you perceive your own, and finding yourself stuck to the computer rather than enjoying yourself, can lead to chronic stress and even depression.
  10. Try out meditation or yoga. Switching of the mind and creating mindfulness in meditation or yoga helps to create a stress-free life. Stretching your joints and muscles from your toes up to your neck is also a good way to start if you cannot do yoga or meditate where you are. Just art by stretching your toes, then ankles, followed by your calves etc. The eagle pose is directly  connected to stress relief.



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