Dry January: Feeling the woes?

Dry January seems more popular than ever this year with several charities, including the original Cancer Research, finding thousands of people signing up to donate.

I decided to do it myself and see if I could manage it, or even how long I would last. This Christmas I overindulged on the wine, gin, baileys- the lot, so it was time to try Dry January. Tonight, however, I am going out with my friends so I imagine it will be a lot harder to resist the urge. 

Health experts say that women should consume no more than 2-3 units a day, and men should have a maximum of 3-4 units a day. 

But what is a unit?  


What levels of alcohol intake increase health risks?  


What do people  taking part think? 

Huw Parlor, 23, West Yorkshire said he had decided to cut back on his intake and just drink one day a week. He said: “I went out for a pub lunch the other day and there was a great feeling in not having a pint when I usually would.”

Heather Rogers, 23, Derbyshire said she failed within hours. She  added: “It will have to be dry February for me.”

Anthony Scanlon, 22, Leeds said he made the decision to have no alcohol in January after a boozy Christmas. He’s not finding it too bad though; “It’s easy if I stay away from the pub,” he said.

Stephen Ruddy, 28 said his tip to keep of the booze is to try certain types of drinks. He said: “Whenever you get ‘The Thirst’, drink herbal tea or sparkling water.”

Good luck to everyone taking part!

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