Leeds floods in pictures

Leeds city centre and a one of its districts was badly flooded last night causing devastation to local businesses and raising questions about much needed flood defences in the north of England.

The bottom end of the city centre, on Wellington Street and by the docks, saw severe flooding on Boxing Day Night. Kirkstall, a district of the city, was also effected when the River Aire burst its banks.

Photos from Stuart Aitken, shared on Facebook, of the flooding in Kirkstall. 


Here is some of the devestation at the docks and Wharfe Bank area of the city centre, photos also by Stuart Aitken.   

Bottle bins knocked over meant bottles were left lying all over the area.

    A canal boat was dragged along the canal and then got wedged under a balcony.

Member of Leeds City Council, Lucinda Yeadon is helping to set up a clean up plan at the districts old local pub, The Bridge Inn.  

 Here’s some tweets of people in the local area: 

For the moment residents are having to hope that it will all look better tomorow and that questions will be answered. 


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