Christmas Countdown: Homemade Paper Wreath 

Christmas wreaths are a symbol of the cycle of life, everlasting love and the evergreen plant lasting forever.

How about making a crafty one of your own? 

You will need: 

2 sheets of A4 green card

1 sheet of red card (small)

1 sheet of glittery red card  (small) 

Lots of random card or paper in different shades green

Glue stick



Making the wreath: 

  1. Put the two sheets of green card next to each other width ways, one below the other. Slightly overlap the top one.   
  2. Measure a large circle (perhaps using a dinner plate). Then measure another smaller circle (perhaps using a side plate). Make it about an inch smaller than the larger circle. 
  3. Cut the semi-circles out of both pieces of cards. You will have a bit of card that has no pencil mark on, from the overlap, cut this the same shape as the line. Glue the pieces together so they show the circle you marked out.   
  4. Cut out various shapes and sizes of leaf shapes with your different coloured green cards.   
  5. Arrange them all around your cut out circle.   
  6. Next cut out berry-sized circles on the red and glittery red card. You will need about 15 of each. Use them to fill in the gaps of t leaves.
  7. There you go, one  Christmas Paper Wreath. Easy to make and will look lovely hung against an indoor door.  

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