Christmas Countdown: Easy Rustic Mince Pies

Counting down to Christmas wouldn’t be the same without baking some festive treats. How about mince pies? Laced with some  brandy, whiskey or rum?

You will need:

350g plain flour

225g cold butter, cubed

100g caster sugar, sifted

300g mincemeat, your own or shop bought

50ml of dark liquor, I like dark rum, whiskey or brandy

1 small egg, beaten

Icing sugar to dusk over the pies (if you wish) 

Making the mince pies:

  1. Preheat your oven to oven to 200oC/Gas6. Add the liquor to your mincemeat. Put the flour and butter in a big bowl. Rub the flour and butter in your fingers to make a breadcrumb texture. 
  2. Add the sugar and mix it in using your hands. Then shape it into a pastry. (At this stage you would normally flour a surface and roll the pastry out.)  But I saw a  recipe online that suggested shaping it into walnut-sized mounds and pressing them into 12 patty tins.  
  3. When the pastry looks like the above photo, shape the walnut-sized balls and press them into the tin like this:  
  4. The simply fill with about a tablespoon of your alcohol infused mincemeat in each one. Top with a kid made by using a smaller ball and flattening it.  Brush with the beaten egg. 
  5. Bake for about 20 minutes. Here’s your tasty mince pies. I’m not a pastry expert. But these do taste good.    And here’s the ones I rolled out and cut with pastry cutters:   

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