Christmas Countdown: Homemade Christmas Ideas

Why not bring out your crafty side this Christmas to decorate your home.  

Here’s my idea of a winter sign to hang up around a fireplace, mirror or just on your wall.

You will need: 

Two sheets of red paper

Two sheets of green paper





 Making the sign:

  1. First you need to measure seven triangles of each colour so you can alternate the colours. Measure 10cm across and mark the 5cm mark in the middle. Draw a line from one side of the 10cm line to the centre mark. I made mine 11cm. Do the same at the other side.  
  2. Then cut them out, you souls be left with 14 evenly sized pieces.   
  3. Now use a hole-punch or craft gadget to make holes to put the string through.   
  4. Write letters on all of them, spelling out “Merry Christmas”.      
  5. Thread through the string. Make sure you tie a small not after each hole so that the letters do not slide about too much.       

For more homemade ideas why not bake some cookies, brownies or cakes. There are some good recipes available on my blog. 

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