Wetherspoon’s staff: what we are really thinking

“Oh it’s cheap in here!” those few words every true Spooner has reveled in and appreciated.

There’s so many things we love and love to hate while working at JD Wetherspoon.

Did you know

There are five Wetherspoon’s in Leeds City centre alone. The train station, Becketts Bank, the Hedley Verity, The Stick or Twist and the Cuthbert Brodrick.

  1. 9am drinkers.  We really have seen it all in Spoon’s, from builders tapping their coins on the bar waiting for the clock to chime nine. To shift workers from the local hospital trying to order breakfasts with pints at 8am. And no, we really can’t just pour it- we could lose our jobs. Full English? Source: aberfoodblog.com
  2. What’s your table number, please? Words we have forever ingrained into our brains. It’s a small thing that is incredibly annoying for staff. “Oh. I don’t know, is there a number on the table?” Yes, yes there is. “It’s just that one in the corner on the left, look that man with the red hat.” Helpful….   Tables. Source: walkingandcrawling.blogspot.com
  3. Treble burgers are totally the way forward. There is absolutely no judgement here at all, infact you’re doing us a favour- managers love it when we up-sell products. Also, half the male staff have a treble burger every shift and it never harmed them. P.S. they are perfect with pulled pork.   BBQ Hog Burger. Source: Twitter 
  4. “Oh team leader, she’s a team leader.” Having just started to experience this after my promotion, the first time your hear it you’re heart beats a bit faster with a feeling of acceptance, happiness, even joy. The second time, it’s getting annoying, after that, just no.  Source: own. 
  5. We have to tell you it’s Pepsi. I’m pretty sure there’s a contractual, maybe even legal reason we have to ask the question: “It’s Pepsi, is that okay?” when you order a Coke. Interesting fact though; it’s actually called Pepsi cola!  Definately Pepsi. Source: Google images 
  6. We give our regulars cute, drink related nick-names. And if they don’t come in when we’re on shift- we actually worry about them. When Strongbow Dave moved on to Magners, well, life’s never been the same again.  Sources: drink stuff.com and groceries.iceland.co.uk
  7. We love working here. Genuinely. The managers are awesome, we always get breaks on shifts, we get discounts, we love new menu launches and we have a soft spot for our own pubs.   This is mine. Source: Twitter.com
  8. We also love to talk about it. A lot of Wetherspoon’s are named after famous people on that town, city or village. If you ask the staff in that pub they will happily stand and chat to you, (while wiping the bar down<it’s really important that our pub looks good>).   Tim Martin might even pour you a pint. Source: http://www.theguardian.com
  9. Drinks orders that keep on coming. We love being kept busy, but there’s not many things worse than a list of twenty drinks followed by: “And three pints of Guinness.” It takes ages to pourrrrrrrr…  Source: http://www.irishcentral.com
  10. Five cappuccinos at 11.45pm. Noooooooo. Oh okay then. The Bain of every bartenders life is the effort of making coffees fifteen minutes before closing. Also who wants a coffee at nearly midnight? Have a pint instead?   Frothy coffees. Source: http://www.pinterest.com&nbsp;

So now you know the several things that a Spoonie goes through on their average shift. 

Ooh, before I forget, here is your first pint of Guinness.  

 Source: cocktails.wikia.com

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