Harry Potter World- delights and a near disaster. 

Flying cars, leaking cauldrons and a giant spider. Butter beer, howlers and an invisibility cloak. Talking heads, dementors and that cupboard under the stairs. “You have to be prepared to be amazed when you come here,” said Tom, our tour guide.

Harry Potter World in Warford, England showcases a universe of hard-work and determination as well as unearthing some of the films top secrets.

The Great Hall

The heart of Hogwarts and every inch of fantastic. The detail, craftsmanship and artwork involved was beautiful. A team of 300 people worked on the construction team at one point and you can see why- the walls stand at over twenty feet high and the stone fire-place has carved detail worthy of a King.    

Here is the hall kitted out for Christmas:  


Interesting fact: The owl podium which Dumbledore speaks from is covered in real gold and years of melted wax.  

Potions Class 

The room most reminiscent of Science class except it was in an underground corner of the school. 

Thousands of bottles lined the rooms walls. They were filled with alsorts of things from meat bones to leaves and herbs or even plastic insects.  

 Special (Magical) Effects 

This department made a range of things from self-washing frying pans to flamethrowing horntails. Special effects are the physical things you see, while visual effects can be things like computer generated imagery.

There is a section of the museum dedicated to special effects where they show motion rigs built to make things move to fit a films sequences.  


Did you know? The chamber of Secrets door was made by the Special  Effects department. 

Hogwarts Express

The train used for this was a working passenger train for 26 years. It played a big part in many important scenes of the seven films over many years in film too. 

At the studio you can walk along the train and see many different scenes it captured over the years.  

  Hogwarts Bridge

There were lots of excited screams as we walked over the battlefield, walkway, talking point, meeting point, information point that was the bridge.

Over the course of the films this bridge had a lot of action and was every bit as old-looking and exciting as you might expect.  

  Privet Drive Selfie

Everyone flocked towards Privet Drive for a selfie at Harry’s humble abode. It would have been daft to  resist the urge to be part of it. 

One thing I should mention though- do not do what we did and turn up a day early. The staff were truly amazing and let us go in-  apparently some people come a year early- but it is not ideal. 

N.B: Butterbeer isn’t actually very nice. It tastes a bit like cream soda or flat cola topped with cream. Sorry to disappoint you.  


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